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1, Sep 12, 2011

A Good Deed on a Friday Evening

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Today is Mid-Autumn festival. I found no fitting story than this one for this occasion.

Last Friday evening, 9/9/2011, my daughter and I went to Macy’s on Metcalf Ave. There, we were approached by four 18-year-old UMKC students from Vietnam. They were here for less than three weeks.

From their apartment on KC plaza on 47th street in Missouri, they took a bus to this Macy’s on 95th street in Kansas. By the time they came out of the store, they couldn’t find any bus home. So I took them to my house in my small Toyota, then loaded them on my highlander and sent them back.

Both my daughter and I felt great after sending them back. We left our phone number in case they need help. I hope they can experience kindness among strangers in an alien land, just as the following Chinese saying goes.

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