“Don’t do anything that won’t make your mother proud”

A few days ago, I forwarded to my son my posting on 6/6/2011 on MIT commencement address by Ursula Burns. I hoped he could keep up the MIT spirit and not stay put in his position.

I wanted to tell him that it gives me an immence pleasure and pride when I mention him to my colleagues. But I didn’t. I think he knows how proud I am of him.

I told my colleagues how my son walked out of college debt-free and with a good job in New York. I knew I sounded like bragging and I shouldn’t, especially in front of some people whose children could not find jobs and had to move into their parents’ house after college.

“Don’t do anything that won’t make your mother proud.” — I don’t think this is the great motivation for young people to work hard. Still, I am as proud as a peacock because it is the right thing to do.

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