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1, Aug 23, 2011

Volunteers, Ideas, Creativity and Innovation Part II

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First of all, what do you want to show to the world through your volunteering activities?

1) You are unselfish when everybody tries to get something for nothing and you give something for nothing.

2) You have time to donate to a good cause that you believe in. That’s also good.

3) You are willing to make all kinds of personal sacrifices in order to get into your dream college.

If you don’t have anything other than these three reasons, this is almost the dead end for you. Because (1) it is not a challenge to come up with this; (2) it shows you are so one of the crowd, so banal, so empty of ideas and creativity or anything shining that we want to see in a leader that we don’t see the promise of a bright future in you.
To be continued…

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