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1, Aug 11, 2011

True Happiness is Hard to Find

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On 3/27/2011, I read an article on what makes people happy. Here are some interesting findings, though some of them are not totally new.

Happiness is an attitude, a perspective, a positive way of looking at things. “Happy people are far more focused on the little victories and miracles than the problems,” says Dan Baker, a medical psychologist.

While happy people see possibilities at every corner, unhappy people are likely to see impossibility.

Count your blessings, that is, focus on what you have not what you don’t have.
Be nice to yourself.
Be generous to others. Giving makes both giver and receiver happy.

True happiness comes when you do what you enjoy doing and do it everyday. Take me for example, I enjoy reading, writing and gardening and do it all day long, except no one pays me for doing it. Focus on doing what you enjoy gives you a sense of purpose in life. Not many people can afford this, especially when you dislike sitting in your office cube for the whole hectic day waiting for the end of it. A funny joke at my office is asking this question on Monday — “Is it Friday now?”

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