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1, Aug 6, 2011

Money and Your Mental Health

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On 4/7/2011, I read an article from BBC new, “Money woes ‘linked to rise in depression'” Economic problems may be fuelling a rise in depression in England, it has been suggested, which seems to be a good thing for pharmaceutical company as they saw an increase of 40% of prescriptions for anti-depressant drugs such as Prozac over the past four years.

This is totally expected when all these things shower upon you at the same time– the loss of job, inability to pay your bills, the buildup of debts, the self-perception as a loser who cannot even support oneself or one’s family, loneliness when the loved one leaves, feeling of being trapped down below, helplessness and hopelessness…

It is so dreadful to be hit twice, first by economic downturn and second by depression. The best protection against this type of misfortune is to build your fortune, your financial security before crisis set in.

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