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1, Aug 4, 2011

Language, Thought, and Parenting

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On 1/29/2011, Saturday afternoon, I was at HyVee reading magazine Scientific American. There is an article by Lera Boroditsky, “How Language Shapes Thought–The Language We Speak Affect Our Perceptions of the World.”

“In recent years empirical evidence for this causal relation has emerged, indicating that one’s mother tongue does indeed mold the way one thinks about many aspects of world, including space and time. The latest findings also hint that language is part and parcel of many more aspects of thought than scientists have previously realized.”

This is no surprise when considering the fact that language is but an instrument, with which we think, express and communicate to each other. Different instrument will naturally yield different result. However, no matter what instrument you use as a parent, the more you use it with your youngsters, the sharper their minds will become. So, talk with them as much as you can.

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