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1, Aug 10, 2011

Is it so Difficult to Say Thank You?

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“I am working very hard on my ‘thank you.’ It’s not a bad way to open or close a conversation with someone you haven’t met before, who is your new partner or co-worker. And it lets them know that you appreciate the effort they have made to make your life a little bit better. So I am generous with my ‘thank you,’ my ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am.’ I may not remember all the names, but I remember the desire to take care of people.” These words came from the former CEO of our practice on our newsletter on 6/7/2011, that is, before the practice disappeared. Imagine how much weight this CEO has placed on being polite, most likely because of its shortage. I thought I were the only old fashioned one teaching this to my children.

Number one comment, this is a well said commonsense that we should all practice automatically, without being told or having to work very hard on. Too honestly funny.

Number two, it is easy said than done as I have observed the very lack of this in this CEO, which, sadly to say, is also common with all of us. That’s why, no matter how platitudinous it is, I still find it necessary to share with my readers.

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