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1, Aug 20, 2011

How To Keep Your Mailbox Nice and Clean

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On 3/12/2011, while I was at HyVee, I took up PCWorld magazine, trying to keep up with the new gadgets. I saw this article, which gave me a familiar feeling –“Master Your E-mail Before It Masters You” by Robert Strohmeyer, PCWorld March 2011. Indeed, my office inbox seems rather overwhelmingly crowded. It is like an old cluster which results from a few years of piling. The thought of ever cleaning it up is dreadful to me. Here are his tips, which I am trying to follow.

(1) Zero your inbox–keep it empty whenever possible
(2) Use folders sparingly. Don’t create more folders and subfolders than you can consciously track daily. When your folder list gets so long that you can’t see all of them at a glance, you will have trouble staying on top of them. Use the folders you keep as ‘trusted buckets that you check periodically during their useful life.
(3) Use filters sparingly
(4) Delete garbage first, read surviving message later.
(5) Take action immediately–deal with an open email message at once.
(6) Slow you roll–don’t check your email too often as it wastes too much time for each checking
(7) Use canned responses in outlook for saving time.

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