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1, Aug 1, 2011

Gardening, Parenting, Hard Work

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On the Saturday morning of 7/30, the heat finally let down in its intensity as the long-waited rain finally blessed the dry-hit land. I knew weeds had grown out of control in my backyard garden during the time when I was in China. Since I got back, I had not done anything about it because of the hot weather and dryness of the land. Now with the rain and the cool day, it was the good time for me to work on the yard.

Oh boy, in just a few weeks, the weeds had grown taller than my waistline and it was so hard to yank out just a tiny part of them. Yet, I had to do something about the weeds as some of them had already yielded seeds and might be soon spreaded far and wide, which meant a whole lot extra labor.

As I was hard at work over the weeds, I thought of the similarity between gardening and parenting. Weeds will grow wild when the garden is left unattended. When children are left without parenting, they will be free to develop. There is a strong possibility that some of them will go wild like these undesirable weeds.

The moral lesson is parenting is like gardening. Both need constant tender loving care. No shortcut. Hard work, whichever way you look at.

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