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1, Aug 31, 2011

Email Standards

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On 5/18/2011, we received an internal email regarding our company’s email standards. I am sure these standards were not invented by our company, as they seem pretty much standards for all professional email behavior.

(1) Business emails should never, ever be set to include stationery.
(2) Use it strictly for business purpose.
(3) Don’t Forward Spam, Hoaxes, cute stories or chain letters. Cute stories, jokes or emails of “inspiration” are not work related and should be deleted.
(4) Reply to the sender and ask that they only email your personal email account.
(5) Refrain from using “Reply All” unless every recipient needs to see your response.
(6) Use of “Subject” Line
(7) Always reply to emails – especially the ones specifically addressed to you. The sender is still waiting to hear from you.
(8) Keep your email message short and to the point.
(9) Do not hit the Send button without doing a spell check.
(10) If it is really important, make a call to make sure it was received.
(11) Temper and tone matter.
(12) Keep in mind that email is not private.
(13) Use out of office response to alert others of your absence.
(14) Be courteous, considerate and responsible when writing an email message.

In a word, keep it professional.

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