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1, Aug 26, 2011

For My Daughter, Dream, Determination, Plan and Action

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On my daughter’s birthday in March, I shared this observation with her, trying to make her see that dream is only the first step. Other qualities are equally essential in the process.

Dreams are wings of your soul. With dreams you set your goal to the star. Without it you are chained to the ground.

Determination is the fire that energizes us and make a dream come true.

Plan is the road map to your goal; without it you are likely to get lost or feeling overwhelmed and despaired.

Action plan means following your well-laid out plan step by step. With an action plan, you will reach your goal as long as you make steady and persistent efforts, with each step getting you closer and closer.

Focus your time and energies. Get out of your mind anything that block you from achieving your goal.

Never say “I can’t” without giving it a try. Never give up too easily.

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