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1, Aug 12, 2011

A Story on Margaret Mitchell

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A man was invited to a writer’s gathering. He saw a young woman dressed simple, with modest appearance. The man thought she must be a novice in the field, asking her,
“Are you a professional writer?”
“Yes,” she said.
“Do you have any magnum opus? Can you show me a few of them?” he asked her.
“I have only written novels, no magnum opus,” she said,
“In this case, we are colleagues. I have published 339 novels. How many have you published?” he asked.
“Only one? Can you tell me the title of your novel?” he asked.
“Gone with the Wind,” was the answer.
The man was floored, speechless.

So many years have passed. That man has never made himself known to the world, but the world will always remember Margaret Mitchell.

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