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1, Jul 14, 2011

The Case of Music Student Turned Murderer, Part II

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In case you have not heard of Yao Jiaxin. Here’s a brief. Yao was driving when he hit a 26-year-old woman, mother of a two-year-old. Instead of sending the injured one to the hospital, he ended her life by applying a few fatal stabs into the woman’s chest for fear of potential medical cost.

When facing a torrential public outcry for tough punishment on Yao, some college professors and Yao’s classmates staged a passional appeal for leniency because Yao was a talented music student. The message from the intellectuals seems to be this — you can kill innocent people and walk away from due punishment if you have this or that talent. Imagine the hopelessly muddle-headed mass among Chinese educators!

Luckily, justice was done. Chinese parents should all watch Yao’s execution. Even better, watch it with their children.

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