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1, Jul 29, 2011

Seeking Soul Mate? Six Clues to Character

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This also happened when I was at HyVee on 5/28/2011. I read this in Psychology Today, June 2011, “Six clues to Character” by Hara Marano. It is interesting to know. I wish my children pay some attention to these six aspects.

(1) Intelligence: the biggest boon. It’s no fun messing up with someone with negative IQ. Make sure a person knows the difference between how he feels about something and what he thinks about it. Pay attention to how a person thinks. Listen to how he or she develops an argument.
(2) Drive: the goals you set and the potential of growth.
(3) Happiness: the capacity for finding satisfaction. If you tangle up with a grumpy, you have to play the role of comedian all day long and are still unable to bring a that million-dollar smile. Life is too short to waste on this.
(4) Goodness: the legacy of mama Madoff. It is always safe to be around nice person.
(5) Friendship: the capacity for reciprocity
(6) Intimacy: the capacity for vulnerability and trust

How does a person talk about the problems in his or her life? An unhealthy person rages against ill luck.

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