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1, Jul 23, 2011

Prioritizing, Organizing, the Order of Things Part II

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I used to keep close-by anything that I don’t want to throw away or anything I thought I still use but in fact I don’t. This created a crowded, disordered and even disruptive environment for the dwellers.

Cleaning means prioritizing, organizing and distinguishing the useful from the useless, so that the room is void of anything you don’t need at the moment.

This is my solution– divided stuffs into four groups: (1) throw-away the absolutely useless; (2) donate things I don’t need but still good (3) put away anything I honestly find useless but I am not ready to say goodbye to; (4) keep around things I am currently using.

Your material possessions should best serve your will. If not handled properly, you become the slave of your possessions, living the absurdity of being plagued by what you pay with your hard-earned money. Avoid this absurdity; choose luminosity; do cleaning in a timely manner and with good judgment.

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