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1, Jul 18, 2011

Nelson Mandela, Unshakable Belief and Indomitable Spirit

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On 6/7, one of my colleagues in her late 30s said to another one in her 20s, “I am too old now. If I were your age, I would…” Every time I heard people saying how old they were, I thought of Nelson Mandel. The story of Nelson Mandel has been known to all.

7/18/1918, born, happy birthday!
1962, aged 44 years old, in prison
1990, aged 72, out of prison
1993, aged 75, Nobel Peace Prize.
1994, aged 76, served as President of South Africa
1999, aged 81, left office

When I think of Nelson Mandela, I think of the word indomitable, the quality with which he has never given up fighting despite of all the obstacles, including his age. Of course his belief in his cause has motivated him along the way.

Perhaps an unshakable belief and an indomitable spirit is what most of us need in our pursuits.

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