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1, Jul 11, 2011

In Loving Memory of My Father

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Today marks the 24th anniversary of my father’s departure from this world. I always observe this day not only to honor the memory of my father but also reflect and remember what he left to the living.

The household that I grew up is very much like everybody else in my generation — basic, void of unnecesssary luxury. The only electronic gadget in our family was a radio box, which I took apart at least twice, once without a book, once with one. I remember the only place that had a lock on was a bookshelf, with plenty of old books. They must be very precious to my father.

All of his children have now shared his love of books, although none of them have read as much as he did. This brings to my mind the motto on his desk–it is always beneficial to read.

I wish he were still around and I would get him a large size kindle and open an amazon account for him, so that he could read to his heart’s content.

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