How to Give or Not to Give Criticism

Once again, as part of my cleaning drive, I took off the wall some parenting tips that I had for a long time, giving criticism being one of them. I post them here as I see tactful criticism very important in all situations, at work or at home.

(1) Begin by asking questions rather than attacking.
(2) Criticism should be timely.
(3) Be very brief and concise–the longer you talk, the less goes in.
(4) Be selective–choose your target of attack rather than a sweeping attack.
(5) Focus on the issue, not the person.
(6) Let the wrong-doer do the dirty work, that is, it is better for the children to tell you what is wrong instead of the other way around.
(7) Show them the proper way of doing things instead of leaving them puzzled and lost.

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