Boys Meet Girls, Love, Honesty and Responsibility

When my daughter came back from summer camp, she told me gossips that she learned in the dormitory. It seems to be a norm for boys and girls to pair off in high school. It is no surprise when most of the students emerge from college going out seriously with someone special, even though they are not thinking of any long term relationship, let alone of marriage or family.

A friend of mine once asked about my attitude on this. This is what I told my son.
1. While staying away from narrow-minded trivial bickering, never compromise on the major when it comes to your significant others.

2. Be honest to each other. If you find yourself out of love, which is natural sometimes when there are changes on either side, let other know. Truth may hurt at the moment, but you will hurt people more with dishonesty.

3. As with everything in life, think of your responsibilities before anything else.

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