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1, Jun 27, 2011

Yes, It is Possible to Control Yourself! Part IV

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Fortunately, it is possible to strengthen our mental resources and turn our impulses for good. The following are tips and methods which can help bolster self-control.

(1) Become aware of the risks and long-term negative consequences of undesirable behavior.
(2) Increase your personal engagement by, e.g. telling friends or family members about your goals.

(3) Transform abstract overarching objective into reachable intermediate milestones.
(4) Take pleasure in achieving partial success and reaching intermediate milestones.

(5) Formulate “If then” resolution to deal with critical situations.
(6) Replace old habits with new good ones.

(7) Change your impulses by learning to associate the mere sight or thought of temptations with negative stimuli. e.g. chocolate with a pig.
(8) Identify situations that poses a particular risks and avoid them as much as possible.

(9) Train your working memory.
(10) Plan enough breaks and relax periods to prevent depletion of your mental resources.

Finally, know yourself and proactively avoid damaging temptations of all forms.

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