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1, Jun 13, 2011

Yahoo! Email Disaster, Technology and Dependability

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This is the third time that I was not able to get into my yahoo! mail. Only this time I was anxiously waiting for an email from a book editor and the problem seems lasting longer than I could tolerate.

I searched everywhere on my computer for a copy of his email with his email address so that I could inform him of my yahoo! trouble. No luck. I trusted technology so much that I saved all my important emails in Yahoo! mail server without a backup in my own computer!

Last week, a colleague of mine told me the meaning of IOWA. With that total trust in technology, now I feel like one of them — Idiots out wandering around. Not really, as I have now learned my lesson and steered away from Yahoo! and keep a backup of anything that is too important to be relegated to others.

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