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1, Jun 10, 2011

When the Weather Was Too Hot to Stay Inside

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On 6/6, a hot Sunday afternoon, I drove my daughter to the local library around 2 PM. We felt the scorching sun relentlessly burning our skin and our whole body, making our lives so uncomfortable.

As we approached the library, I told my daughter there must be plenty of people because of the hot weather. She thought my idea was funny. I told her of our life in Ohio when her brother was a baby.

We lived in an apartment without central air conditioning system. Some people bought window air conditioner, but we didn’t because of the appliance and electricity cost. Remember we were students living on scholarship. With weather like this, I often sought shelter from the heat by taking my son to our school or to the library or to stores and came back after the sun had gone to bed. Sometimes, he played there and then took a nap while I was doing my school work.

My daughter said she was lucky she were not there. Still, I would not miss the opportunity to share with her this part of family experience.

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