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1, Jun 5, 2011

The Boston Trip, Unforgettable

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We got back from Boston yesterday. It was a very unforgettable and eventful trip.

Th flight leaving Kansas for Newark was delayed for an hour. Hence, we were unable to catch the next flight from Newark to Boston on Thursday evening. The airline rescheduled our flight to next morning, which would be too late for the commencement.

It was after 11 PM, still we decided to get a rental car and drive to Boston over night instead of waiting for next morning flight. We almost had an ugly accident because of fatigue and sleepiness. Finally, we arrived in our friend’s house around 5 AM on Friday morning by car.

It took us a long time to find a parking spot. We got a parking ticket for expired meter parking. Traffic jam was unbearable in Boston.

Still, we had a good time attending the graduation ceremoney, being around with my son and meeting my son’s friends and his grilfriend’s family.

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