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1, Jun 15, 2011

Parents Hurt Their Children in the Name of Love

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On 11/24/2010, the day before Thanksgiving, I had a nice chat with a young relative of mine in China. From the talk, I became once again keenly aware of some of the problems that many Chinese parents unfortunately share. That is, parents make decision for their children, especially their adult children, from college major to the children’s future job.

The direct consequence of this practice is this: the children never learn to take responsibility. Here’s a handy example, the parents of a young man decided that the man should go abroad for a few years study. Upon the completion of abroad study, it is up to the parents’ to find a job for the young man since it is initially parents’ decision.

I would think the parents have hurt their child much more than helping him. Alas, when will these parents learn to trust their children, if ever!
P.S. my son’s flight back was scheduled to arrive at 11 PM Monday evening. The flight was delayed. He arrived around 1 AM Tuesday morning.

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