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1, Jun 24, 2011

Old-Fashioned Advice Still Holds Value

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Tomorrow my daughter will fly to a summer camp in Michigan and my son will fly back to Boston for the new position. And I will leave for China on the coming Sunday.

It is a short stay and a very enjoyable one. We already have a lot of good time together, though I know I will never have enough of this good time. Still, a man got to do what he got to do.

Before he leaves, I make sure he keeps in mind the key points that I made on his graduation date. I told him they might be old-fashioned advice, but they are still very much valued. You won’t go wrong if you could follow them.

(1) Be a good person.
(2) Never lose sight of the large picture of life.
(3) Learning is a lifetime endeavour.
(4) Always see greatness in others and find improvement in yourself.
(5) You are valued not by how much you possess but by how much you give.

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