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1, Jun 18, 2011

Know Thyself and Manage Your Time Well

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On 4/24/2011, around 5 PM, seeing my daughter taking her late afternoon nap, I said to myself, “Here she goes again.” That is, she always feels tired around this time of the day and then positions herself well for a nap. As the result, she will push back her night time sleeping. What often happens during those midnight hours is she cannot concentrate on her study and gets distracted easily.

I often tell my daughter — know yourself, which means know when you can work most efficiently so that you can better manage your study and make best use of your time.

We all have our prime time of the day. Know yourself so that you can avoid fighting an uphill battle when you are least likely to win it. Know yourself so that you can play to your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

Same can be said of studying while listening to songs. If you find yourself more into the lyrics of the song than into your study, you are better off shutting it off or choosing a piece of light music if you need a background noise.

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