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1, Jun 20, 2011

Brain Decay and Extreme Careers

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On 1/17, I had the day off, happily. I read an article on Psychology Today, Feb 2011 issue. It talks about the potential brain degeneration of those who exclusively use one part of their brains.

A new study in Neuropsychologia found, “Science nerds and artsy type may be at risk of lopsided brain decay. One form of brain dementia appears to effect the brain region least used in a person’s career.”

The frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) is associated with uninhibited behavior and language deficits. It tends to affect brain asymmetrically. FTLD-afflicted patient often had extreme careers.

“They were composers, cartographers –professions that tended to have specific skills in one area.” e.g. math skills are focused in the left side of the brain, so those in number-heavy profession show degeneration first in the right hemisphere.

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