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1, May 11, 2011

The Song That Carries a Message

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Find some time to go home;
With smile and good wishes, often go back home
with your children and your spouse, often go back home.

Mama wants to chat while Dad provides dinner;
Share with mama some daily annoyance;
Talk with dad things at work.

Often go back home
While parents don’t expect anything from their children,
They look forward to the time of family reunion…

When this song first came out around 2007, the year when my son was about to leave his Kansas home for Boston, I often sang it. Probably because it sounded so nice at that time. My son heard me singing it so often, asking me “Mom, are you singing this song so that we will often come back home after we leave?”

It was funny that he thought this way when I just sang it for fun and unexpectedly sent him this message. It’s been four years since then. I do miss him, though time has mellowed out the initial sadness over his leaving.

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