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1, May 23, 2011

Summer Volunteer, Leadership and High School Students Part I

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On 4/1/2011, after sending my daughter to her school at 4 PM, I went to a local library, where I met a friend of mine who was with her daughter. They were signing up for volunteer work in summer. This reminded me of another friend of mine whose daughter also volunteers at this library. Another friend of mine told me of her son’s volunteer work.

The next day, 4/2, I was at that library again. There I saw an Asian girl, about my daughter’s age, doing volunteer work.

I observed her a little bit and got the impression that she was like serving her time, looking tired and listless. Perhaps she was there for the whole afternoon and couldn’t wait for her parents to pick her up.

While I applaud for the noble spirit and unselfishness associated with volunteering, I realize many of them see this as a necessary step to a good college. In that case, they are not necessarily motivated by any of the high-sounding noble spirit.

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