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1, May 12, 2011

Killing, Coverup and the Prevention of Information Leaking

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Obama, a law school student, knows the proper way war criminals are handled and how evidence of killing scene should be preserved, but he knowingly broke the law when he ordered the killing of an unarmed person and immediately destroying the evidence by disposing the body to the sea. The various versions of story that were thus given only serve to cover up some unexposable fact, not just to justify the killing. If the killing were legitimate, there would be no need for instant body disposal and the creation of stories. Stories reveal more than cover the ugly nature of the business.

The outside world is deliberately kept in the dark as to what exactly happened, so that no one can make a legal case against the killing. We were told that Bin Laden was worse than Nazi criminals who were human enough to be given Nuremberg trials. We were told that some human beings do not deserve the protection of law and its due process. But who determines which humans are worse than Nazi criminals and have to be deprived of any legal protection? Well, we were not told, but you figure it out.

The question is why. Is Obama afraid of sending Bin Laden to court? What is it that he is afraid of? It would be interesting to hear what Bin Laden had to expose in court on how Americans had trained and supported him and turned him into what he was. The world would have the chance to hear the other side of story from Bin Laden, plenty of them, and other embarrassing stories regarding American allies and their role in fostering Bin Laden and indirectly helping him to carry out his mission and even the US role in 911, all of which Obama is so dreadful of being brought out of the dark room into daylight. What we see is a classic example of government secrecy, coverup and total lack of transparency.

Dead person cannot talk. Anything is totally possible, more colorful than you can imagine, not all legal though. That’s why both Daniel Ellsberg and founder of WikiLeaks need to be extra careful about their lives because of information leaking. Alas, the world is never in need of spice and excitement.

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