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1, May 8, 2011

Bin Laden, Honesty, Consistency and Parenting

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Make no mistake the man behind the 911 event deserved a thousand of death. Yet, there are something lurking in the back of my mind that is disturbing.

Number one, like typical government behavior, there is an obvious lack of transparency. Present is a quick killing and corpse disposal and their labored coverup soon after and plenty of excuses. Why? What was it that Obama tried to cover up? This opens itself to all kinds of speculation.

Number two, the killing could be justified if acted upon self-defense, which doesn’t appear to be. Sounds like it is okay to kill as long as you can find good excuse. NO.

Number three, if anyone can act like a judge, able to determine the life and death of another human being, let’s just do away with our court system and save tons of money. NO.

The last implication is most disturbing. That is, honesty and consistency in parenting. When we demand total honesty from our children, we try to cover up something, which is a dishonesty to me. When we don’t enforce the same standard to all, we are inconsistent. Same thing happens when we say “God bless America” only. I always want to replace it with God bless all. Why not?

By the end of the day, what should we honestly say to the children? Throw honesty out of window? Ask Obama.

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