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1, Apr 25, 2011

Tiger Mom on Time’s 100 of the Year

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On 4/23, a Saturday afternoon, on the way back from Leawood library, I told my daughter that Amy Chua being one of the Time’s 100 of this year. She said she had read about it from the Internet.

Later, on the way to her drawing lesson, my daughter commented that anyone on Time’s cover and on Time’s 100 list was rather phenomenal. “Yes, her book made her famous,” I said.

I am sure there are numerous parents who are successful in their own way. But in a way Amy Chua is unique because she has committed to writing so that her unique experience is known to all.

In our office, there is a saying, “If it is not written, it has not happened.” So it is true in our life. The passing of years and decades will dilute and wash away our past experience unless we write them down.

To be sure, writing is a diligent and very rewarding work. It will pay huge dividends in the long run. Just look at the short-term gain of Amy Chua’s magnus opus.

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