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1, Apr 5, 2011

The Smart Ones Set the Fashion and the Crowd Follows

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On 10/13/2010, I had a monitor from Michigan. She is so different from the mainstream culture in her spending habit. First of all, she said she always bought things from Wal-Mart or wherever is cheaper. “I never spent more than $25 on a piece of clothing,” she declared proudly.

The loveliest part is her strong feeling against buying any designer stuff. She lampooned those who chased designer clothes or designer bags. “I am not like those suckers who work their butts off to spend $700 on a designer bag.” She really sees through it all when she said, “Those designers can live in their majestic mansions and drive their limousines because of all these stupid suckers [who are] willing to dump in their hard-earned money for these designer stuffs. Those designers suck every hard-earned penny out of those suckers so that they have everything they want.”

Nothing is more true than this. Once the smart ones set the fashion, the opposite ones follow to the letter. That is how the rich get rich and the poor stay this way forever. Too bad there are too many people who fall for this schema. That is how the social order is well maintained.

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