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1, Apr 17, 2011

One of the Most Painful Moment in My Job

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On On 5/21/2010, a doctor came in about 9:30 AM, asking me about a clinic trial for a late stage lung patient. I gave him the fast fact of the trial. Then I printed informed consent form and went to room #11, where patient, aged 38, and her young son were sitting, crying. They must have just been told of disease progression and the poor prognosis of her disease. I felt sad for them, especially the boy.

I explained to them the importance of clinical trials and the available treatment for our patients that clinical trials had to offer. I could see she was too upset over the news of disease to listen to my wonderful explanation. I gave her a copy of informed consent, leaving my phone number, telling her to take it home, go through it carefully, do some research on this investigational drug, and call me if she had any questions. Before I left the room, I told the young boy to take good care of his mom. He nodded through sobbing. I felt like comforting them by giving them a huge hug, but then I didn’t.

I just experienced the most painful moment of this job — seeing patient cry, knowing too well their hopeless situation and yet, unable to do anything for them.

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