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1, Apr 23, 2011

Old Rental Agreements and an Old Dream

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While digging out old stuffs, I found some old rental agreements, which reminds me of what I once planned to do but never actually did it.

I kept all the old rental agreement thinking someday I would buy some apartment complex nearby a university and lease them to college students. I would use their rental fees to pay for the mortgage. I would need to learn how to create leasing agreement for my tenants. I started harboring this idea ever since I took accounting classes in 1993, back in Ohio.

One of them is from Dolley Madison Apartments in McLean, Virginia on 1/25/1997, 2-bedroom apartment monthly rent for $930. We lived there between 1/1997 and 5/1998.

The other from Corinth apartment in Prairie Village, Kansas, 2-bedroom for $603. We stayed there between 5/1998 an 7/1999. Another one from Jamestown townhouse, in Fort Wayne, Indiana back in 1994. We left Indiana for Virginia in January 1997 when my daughter was two months shy of two years old.

Well, these documents at least serve to witness a dream or a plan that I once had but never materialize. I don’t know exactly what stopped me from carrying out my plan, but I know my brain does not work well when it comes to accounting.

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