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1, Apr 20, 2011

Obama Behaved Disappointedly in Mexico Gulf Oil Spill

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It is exactly one year ago when Gulf of Mexico was hit by BP oil spill on a huge scale. Many things rush to my mind when I think of this calamity.

First and foremost is the reaction and behavior of U.S. president. I can never get over the huge disappointment over this president and what it truly revealed about him.

With the loss of lives and the on-going gushing of oil into the ocean, we expected the president would come over to the scene, rendering comfort and condolence to the victims’ families and mobilizing all forces to stop the disaster. This is common sense.

Instead, he played blame game, doing nothing but trying to make BP responsible for everything the spill incurred. No matter who is responsible in the end, the damage to the environment and the loss of lives cannot be undone. As the president, he should lose no time to limit this damage.

The fact he did not come over to the scene immediately to be with the victims’ family reveals his callous nature toward human beings. He is just incapable of feeling anything! Such a cold-blood being!

The fact he failed to understand the need and the urgency in stopping the spill as soon as possible allows the spill to last way longer than it should. This fully exposes his pitiful lack of problem-solving ability in the time of crisis.

I am not surprised if he ends up being one-term president.

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