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1, Apr 15, 2011

Get Into the Habit of Civic Communication

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Our company offered Just Culture workshop last week, with concentration on communication between employees and patients and among employees.

The workshop intended to teach us how to carry on a caring, considerate and positive communications. Because sometimes negative communication shows up accidentally when people fail to pay attention to how important daily interactions are.

The question that bothers me is the fact the negative communication crops up at the moment when we are off guard, as if nasty words are lurking around somewhere in our sub-consciousness looking for a chance to surface. Does it reveal something about us? At least it tells me there is a need for such a workshop because somebody has not talked decently.

If we have got into the habit of being civic toward our fellow beings or keep our subconscious space clean, we will feel free, that is, free from any guard against ourselves and from the need for such workshop.

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