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1, Apr 3, 2011

Five Areas of Brain Exercise

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I love reading about brain, especially about having a bright brain. On 2/22/2011, I read about brain exercise from internet. Both parents and children can improve their brain quality by engaging the following areas of brain exercise.

(1) Memory. Having a better memory can help you remember names, find locations, and recall important information more quickly and accurately. Scientists have even tied memory to general intelligence.

(2) Attention. Landmark studies have shown that attention training has a meaningful impact on your ability to perform well on tests, at sports, and in other visually demanding activities. Better attention can also improve your ability to filter out distraction, thus increasing your productivity at work and home. Kids with better attention in class always perform well academically.

(3) Speed. Think fast. Exercising your mental processing speed can help you think more clearly and quickly, improve reaction time, and increase alertness and awareness. Brain speed training can help you become sharper at work, school and throughout your life.

(4) Flexibility. Switch things up with flexible thinking. Flexibility training can make multitasking a breeze, help you articulate your thoughts better, and give you the discipline to resist temptation. Getting better at flexibility can help improve your precision, cognitive control, and even your creative thinking.

(5) Problem Solving. Better problem solving skills can help you make quick, accurate decisions, gain a better ability to make mental estimates, comparisons, and calculations, not to mention more efficient thinking overall. Problem solving represents a diverse category of cognitive skills and abilities. Brain training can help you exercise and improve these abilities.

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