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1, Mar 9, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 4

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Life is by nature full of ups and downs, beyond our control, with people in our lives as diverse as birds in forests. Like it or not, you spend much of your life attempting to manage your moods and feelings.

High emotional intelligence equals to emotional balance and well-managed appropriate emotional response. The essence of managing emotions is the ability to cultivate emotional responses in a variety of settings and to keep your emotions balanced by restraining excess emotions. People with high emotional intelligence are able to deal with situations that provoke highly intensive emotions so that these situations can be solved successfully and crisis can be defused.

The take-home message is we need to understand the value and necessity of achieving emotional balance.
(1) Ability to manage emotion is a critical skill in becoming emotionally intelligent.
(2) Managed emotion enables you to limit the effects of anger and worry.
(3) Managed emotion helps you achieve balance.

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