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1, Mar 6, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 1

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This is a course provided by our company, with the purpose of enhancing our emotional intelligence. I found the course specially useful for parents. Many Chinese parents tend to emphasize the weight of IQ in their children and neglect the development of their emotional intelligence. I remember one Chinese parent telling me that her son had a very high IQ, yet that son of hers has been unsuccessful whichever way you look at, all because of his under-developed emotional intelligence. Hence I have taken lengthy notes and will share with my readers in the days to come.

IQ includes verbal comprehension, number facility, spatial ability, memory, perception, and reasoning. IQ measures a person’s intellectual ability and generally remains steady throughout life. It contributes to about 20 percent of the factors that determine life success. Traits exhibited by a person with a high IQ include a wide intellectual capacity and range of interests, confidence and fluency in expressing thoughts and opinions, a tendency to be anxious and to worry, and a critical nature.

Emotional intelligence is comprised of a broad range of abilities including awareness of one’s own emotions, the ability to regulate moods, the recognition of emotions in others, the abilities to motivate oneself in the face of frustration, the ability to control impulses and delay gratification, and the ability to empathize. Emotional intelligence contributes to about 80 percent of the factors that predict life success.

A person with high emotional intelligence is poised, outgoing, and cheerful, and has empathy for others, expresses his feelings directly but appropriately, and has a capacity for developing relationships. Emotional intelligence is a more accurate predictor of life success than IQ is. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be developed more readily than pure intellectual abilities.

I am going to devote 22 postings on this topic, all in the month of March. Hence, call it emotional intelligence month.

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