Volunteer, Contribute and Put Value Into Your Time

I had a very labored Skype conversation with a young relative of mine last week. He is in China right now. I have talked a lot trying to convince him some of the values which I take as a matter of fact.

(1) Always try to put values into your time, especially when you are young and full of energy. Don’t be stupid enough by fooling away large chunks of your time.

(2) If it is the right thing, do it no matter what others do. Don’t find excuses for your failure to do so. Whatever other people are doing is not your business. If you are not doing the right thing, you have only yourself to blame. Don’t be a loser by not taking responsibility for yourself.

(3) Volunteer and contribute whenever you can find time for it. Nobody likes selfish persons, no matter where you are, even if everybody is selfish.

Remembering the transiency and limitation of human existence, we are around this time this place only once. Do something, reach out, make difference, put value into your time, instead of gaming out your youthful time.

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