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1, Mar 5, 2011

Physically Active Teens and Old Age Brain

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A study found an association between teenage active exercise and a reduced risk of old age dementia. The study was carried out by researchers from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Canada, published on 6/30/2010 in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. They analyzed exercise habits of 9,344 women from four U.S. states during their teenage years, 30s, 50s, and twilight years.

They found that, independent of factors like education, marital status, diabetes, hypertension, weight, depression, and age, there remained a strong correlation between teen physical activity and reduced risk for cognitive impairment late in life.

Furthermore, they found women who began routine exercise in their 30s and 50s showed lower risk for cognitive impairment as they aged compared with those who were consistently inactive.

The take-home message is nicely given by Laura Middleton, the study’s lead author, “To minimize the risk of dementia, physical activity should be encouraged from early life. Not to be without hope, people who were inactive at teenage can reduce their risk of cognitive impairment by becoming active in later life.” It’s nice to know there is still hope for folks far older than teens.

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