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1, Mar 12, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 7

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Anger Management, part I
With the exception of people with high emotional intelligence, most people have the hardest time controlling their anger. When you let anger get the best of you, anger fuels actions which you will soon regret. You let angry feelings overtake rational thought and escalate out of control.

Anger creates a dual response in the body with short-term but lasting effects. The initial reaction is the “fight or flight” syndrome–the body senses a threat and prepares itself for possible attack. At the same time, the brain sends a signal that heightens sensitivity to subsequent events.

Physiologically, when angry feelings are triggered, the brain sends a rush of energy throughout the body. This surge lasts several minutes while the brain assesses the situation. Meanwhile, the nervous system is put on general alert–a state of readiness that lasts for hours or even days. This persistent state of arousal explains why people get angry more quickly if they have already been provoked. The nervous system remains ready for any subsequent threats. Thus, anger builds on anger.

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