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1, Mar 11, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 6

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In order to be self-aware, you can try the following:
(1) Step back from the situation or the provoking experience and observe what is happening. Very often, distance yourself from it provides you the space and time to take a fresh look at the situation.

(2) Gain control over ourselves so that we will not be controlled by our emotion. It takes a lot of constant efforts to control our urge to act stupidly when in anger. But you will see the benefit of these efforts as soon as your stormy anger is over.

(3) Remain positive. When you are clear about your own boundaries and options, you will feel good psychologically and can maintain an overall positive outlook on life. Always try to put things in a long range perspective.

(4) Recognize your own feeling. This recognition signifies that you want to feel otherwise.

There are varying degrees of self-awareness. However, when taken to extremes, emotional awareness can be troubling. For some people, awareness is overwhelming; for others, it barely exists. People who are overly tuned to their emotions can increase the intensity and severity of their reactions to stressful situations and easily become engulfed and going to the first style.

People who use distraction to avoid tuning in to their emotions tend to be less aware of how they react to stressful situations. Therefore, their experiences tend to be less significant. Keep in mind that some degrees of emotional self-awareness is crucial to emotional intelligence.

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