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1, Mar 10, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 5

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There are three distinctive styles that people use for dealing with their emotions, ranging from low to high emotional intelligence.

(1) Feeling engulfed, the style of people with low emotional intelligence
When people are engulfed by their emotions, they often feel like they have no control over their mood. They surrender to their emotion and let their emotions run wild and are prone to overacting and thinking the worst. They are the ones who will freak out, be frustrated, going crazy, with blood flooding to their heads, leaving no room or any possibility of clear thinking.

(2) Being accepting
People who accept their emotions passively do little to change how they feel. They are aware of their feelings, but they either don’t believe they can or aren’t willing to do anything about them. There are two types of acceptors: Type I is the person who is always in a good mood and has no need or motivation to change. Whatever will happen happens and I don’t care. Type II is the person who is always in a bad mood. Though he accepts it, he does nothing about it.

(3) Being self-aware, the most desirable style, the style of people with high emotional intelligence
They are self-aware and have conscious thoughts about their moods as they experience them and has the ability to get out of a bad mood.

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