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1, Mar 8, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 3

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Anger and fear are part of a spectrum of emotions. Other emotions that trigger different physiological responses are love and happiness, surprise, disgust, and sadness. Keep in mind that although people don’t always display their emotions, the underlying physiological reaction is present.

Core emotions and their impacts on us are:
(1) Love and happiness–are exhibited by a general sense of calmness and contentment. Brain signals inhibit negative feelings and foster an increase in energy.

(2) Disgust–is the primitive human’s attempt to resist a noxious odor or spit out a poisonous food.

(3) Sadness–produces a decrease in energy and enthusiasm and slows the body’s metabolism. It is often accompanied by a flow of fears.

(4) Surprise–the body responds to surprise by lifting the eyebrows to permit more light to reach the retina and allow a wide range of view.

This met primitive humans’ needs to assess the unexpected event and create a plan for action. Physical reactions have been implanted in the nervous system since primitive times. While they originally served as a survival mechanism, in modern society these emotions can obscure rational thinking and cloud judgment.

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