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1, Mar 7, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 2

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Here’s how emotions function and the physiological responses to anger, fear, love, happiness, surprise, and disgust and sadness. Each emotion is an impulse to act, to either “fight or flight.” Every emotion has a unique role in preparing the body for some type of response.

One of the strongest ones people feel is anger. When a person is angry, blood flows to the hands. The original purpose in primitive time was to facilitate grasping a weapon–the “fight” response. Also, in anger, the heart rate increase, and there is a rush of adrenaline that creates a surge of energy for intense action–the adrenaline response.

Closely aligned with anger is fear–the “flight” response. A rush of hormones puts the body on general alert, causing it to freeze temporarily and then making it ready for action. Blood flows away from the face and to the large muscles, making it easier to run.

Responses like these allowed primitive humans to concentrate on the threat at hand and decide whether to hide or flee. These physiological responses still occur, even though modern culture doesn’t normally require such actions.

To identify your “fight or flight” response, consider how you might react if someone unexpectedly started banging on your car window while you were waiting at a stoplight. You’d probably freeze momentarily, grip the wheel a little tighter, and quickly begin evaluating your options.

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