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1, Mar 24, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 18

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Problems associated with low emotional intelligence:
The first problem is withdrawal. This is probably the most common social problem that results from a lack of emotional intelligence. While everyone needs a certain amount of ‘alone time’, people who are severely lacking in emotional intelligence take this idea to the extreme.

Here’s a person’s journey from “alone time” to more severe problem.
“I started off just preferring to be alone, but after a while, I wasn’t able to function normally when surrounded by other people. I found them bothersome, as opposed to enjoying the interaction.

Next, I noticed that I didn’t want to tell anyone anything. I was overly secretive, and I felt I couldn’t trust anyone. Consequently, I had trouble developing relationships. As a result of having no connections and being withdrawn, I began to sulk a lot. I was really feeling sorry for myself.

Then, I had an overall drop in energy. I was never up. I constantly complained of being tired or overwhelmed. Feeling unhappy became an acceptable state for me. Since I spent so little time with other people, I began to lose my perspective and viewed life with a self-imposed negative bias.

Finally, I found myself overly dependent upon drugs and alcohol, which only served to make me more withdrawn.”

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