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1, Mar 23, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 17

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Humans are primed by genetics to respond to situations in either a generally positive or generally negative way. However, innate predispositions can be molded and changed through experience.

Specific brain functions and their effects on temperament:
Brain wave patterns can classify people as tending toward a morose or upbeat temperament. e.g. Adam has a cheerful temperament and the ability to bounce back from setbacks. This is due to greater activity in the LEFT frontal lobe. Opposite to Adam, Emma has a tendency toward melancholy and negativity. This is due to higher levels of activity in the RIGHT frontal lobe.

The good thing is emotional experiences can actually change the neural circuitry in the brain, affecting ingrained temperament. e.g. a boy was fearful of water. His mom helped him overcome his fear by participating in swimming lessons. This gave his neural circuits a chance to build new pathways that superseded the existing fear-of-water ones.

Psychotherapy or emotional relearning can accomplish the same thing and transcend ingrained temperaments by reshaping brain functions.

Here’s a special note to parents: Brain patterns affecting temperament are most easily changed in childhood. That is, nurture can change nature. This is very encouraging!

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