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1, Mar 20, 2011

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence, Part 15

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Hope and optimism: the third and fourth characteristics that contribute to emotional competence. Recent research shows that hope is a crucial element in a vast array of abilities. In everything from taking tests to handling a difficult boss, hope is more than just a vague belief. It has been discovered that hope gives people confidence that they have the will and the means to achieve the goals. In terms of emotional intelligence, hope plays a role in not giving into defeat, depression, setbacks, or anxiety. People with hope have less emotional stress.

Optimism is an extension of hope. If hope is not giving into defeat, depression, setbacks, or anxiety, then optimism is the attitude that goes along with it.
–Optimism protects people from apathy and depression.
–Optimistic people see failure as an event they can overcome
–Optimism prevents people from blaming failures on person traits

Martin Seligman’s study of insurance salesmen is one of the greatest examples of the power of optimism. Seligman discovered that new salesmen who were naturally optimistic sold 37% more than those who were pessimistic. The difference was attributed to what happened when rejected. The pessimistic salesman interprets “no” personally–“I’m a failure.” The optimistic one interprets “no” quite differently–“I need to try a new approach.”

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